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Preparing a CD

How to organize your CD for printing

We want to ensure that there are no mistakes at any point in the printing process and that you receive the correct number of prints of the correct images.

To this end, please follow the nine easy steps detailed below.


Nine easy steps to perfect prints

  1. Colour correct and density correct your images

  2. Size your images to the print size required, for example 5"x7" (please use inches for sizing)

  3. In order to make your A4 files compatible with our printers it is important that you size them at 11.7 x 8.3 inches (29.8 x 21.1 cm) and ORIENTATE ALL A4 IMAGES TO PORTRAIT

  4. Set the resolution to 402ppi for general printing. If you are ordering pages for albums with precut apertures (Jorgensen, Albums of Australia etc) or incorporating a thin white border they will need to be set at 400ppi.

    Important: Please be aware that if you use different settings to these shown above (ie 300ppi) your prints will not be correct.

  5. Save your images at quality high jpg level 8 (we do not print tiff or psd files)

  6. Place your images in folders labeled with the size of the print required.

  7. If you are ordering both gloss and lustre prints, create separate folders labeled gloss or lustre.
  8. If you want multiple copies of the same image, copy the image that number of times on the CD or mention it in the special instructions section of your order form.