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Introduction To Preparing Your Files

A Competitive edge

As you will see from our price list our costs are extremely competitive and we do not charge supplements for single or low quantity orders.

The reason that we can offer such low costs is that we ask you to fully prepare all files before sending them through for printing. In addition to keeping costs down this has another key benefit: 'you control the final result'.

If you follow our guidelines we can guarantee that our print will be an excellent colour match to the image you send through. In other words what you see - or rather what you send - is what you get.


Monitor calibration

The first step to perfect prints is ensuring that your monitor is calibrated correctly. Otherwise the image colours that you see on screen will be a distortion of the true colours and will result in differences between the printed and screen versions.

Often monitors are not set up correctly for viewing photographic images. If the screen is too bright the prints will turn out too dark. As a starting point select 6500k ‘White Point’, 50% ‘Brightness’ but maximum ‘Contrast’.

Discover how to ensure your screen is calibrated properly


Using ProAm custom profile

The colour profile of the machines we use to print out your photos can be downloaded and attached to the files you send through. This means that when preparing your files you are working with colours that exactly match the colours used by our printing equipment.

Discover how to ensure your image uses the same colour profile as our photographic printing equipment

Download Fuji DP2 Profile

Preparing your .zip upload or CD

Once you have the images prepared please place them in organized files. More about how to organize your files to our requirements:

For .zip upload go here

For CD submission go here