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Photo Restoration

Repair, restore and enhance your damaged photos and bring your memories back to life.

Restoration ProAm Imaging offer a Restoration Service where such pictures can be returned to their former glory or even enhanced. Our artists bring out the story behind every photo. Photographs record the memories of precious moments and loved ones, but with time they become faded or may even be damaged. We can help bring those precious pictures back to life again.

We perform services like colour correction, red-eye removal, appearance improvement, crack repair, mold removal, and we also replace missing image areas. Our highly trained artists, many of whom are photographers themselves, take great pride in bringing not only the photos back to life, but enhancing the emotion behind each photo.

Old family photographs often provide the best link to previous generations but sometimes they have become faded or damaged over the years.

Apart from where facial detail is missing most damage can be repaired to look as good as new. Cracks and creases can be removed and missing sections of background reinstated. Faded and discoloured images can be brought back to life and black and white photographs turned into full colour.

Available in 3 finishes: Black & White, Sepia, and Full Colour

Restore full colourisation

Restore black and white

Restore to original colour

Restore to sepia

You will be amazed at what can be achieved and all for one fixed price of just £29.99
Price includes CD of restored image

Suggested display options
Photo Print (12" x 8") 55p
Poster Print (36" x 24") £16.75
Canvas Wrap (36" x 24") £63.75

Large range of sizes available.
Please see relevent section of website for prices

Return transit charge depends on type and size of print, poster or canvas wrap ordered.
Please see relevent price list for details or contact us for a quote.