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David Hughes

I’ve used ProAm for about 7 years now.

The quality of the photographs is always brilliant, the turn around time is amazingly quick and the print prices are fantastic. With orders sent typically once a week I can’t remember the last time I had any problems (maybe a missing print) and always resolved easily.

The staff are very capable and always accommodating.

David Hughes Photography & Video
Ella & Laurence Photography

Having been regular clients of Proam imaging for many years their consistent attention to quality and customer service has been the best we have experienced in the 25 years as professional photographers so thank you for your outstanding service you deliver every time".

Ella & Laurence Photography

Leigh Perkins

"We have been using ProAm around seven years now and we have never even considered looking elsewhere for our printing needs. Quality, efficiency, reliability and outstanding customer service have never wavered in all the years we have been using this lab.

We send files to them several times a week and it's simply a part of our business that we don't need to concern ourselves with. The prints are delivered back to us quickly, economically and exceptionally printed - Quality!


Enduro Photos

“With their unbelievable prices, photographers who have not used them could be forgiven for thinking that ProAm offers some sort of below par budget service. Nothing could be further from the truth. They produce fantastic quality prints on Fuji professional paper with a one-day lab turnaround! I’ve never had a bad print out of the thousands they have done for me.”

Peter Cobbe

Peter CobbePeter CobbePeter Cobbe

Pk PhotographyPk PhotographyPk Photography
PK Photography

“We have been using ProAm Imaging for the last six years and have found them to be very reliable and efficient with a fast turnaround. Thank you. Keep up the good work.”

Paul Kallu AMPA ARPS

Nick Tolley
“As a busy full time professional photographer, I need a processing lab that delivers consistent quality prints on time. I found ProAm Imaging just what I needed, always available to discuss specific requirements and offer helpful advice on colour profiling and other technical issues. Orders are always professionally packaged. I have used many labs in 30 years of business and I am happy to endorse ProAm as top of the lot.

A great service and one which I can highly recommend.”

Nick Tolley LMPA LSWPP

Nick TolleyNick Tolley
Floss MorrisFloss Morris
Florence Morris

“I wish I had discovered ProAm Imaging much sooner. I receive a constantly professional service, which is matched by the absolutely stunning quality of the photos. I have found the recipe for success: the skill, the camera and the printer."

I became photographer of the year 2006 and 2007 with the Master Photographic Association by using ProAm prints. Time management is made easy by using an action to profile my images before sending them to ProAm.”

Floss Morris LMPA

Graham Charles

“We've been using Pro-Am Imaging as our professional lab since 2000, the quality of printing is superb, turnaround times and rapid service are second to none.

They are always happy to go the extra mile when we need a rush job. If you need a pro-lab, you couldn't do better than choosing Pro-Am Imaging.”


Esme Robinson

I have been using Pro-Am Imaging for a number of years now, always offering a great and friendly service.

Whenever we have any issues, the team at ProAm are always happy to help out and advise. I cannot see us ever switching labs, we are always amazed with the quality of the prints, especially when we consider the staggering value and how quickly our orders always arrive back with us!



Stephen Elliott

“I've used PrAm Imaging for a number of years having had thousands of prints done. The prints are of the highest quality and delivered flat so can be mounted straight away. Any questions and the team are always at hand to answer them. An excellent professional service with fast turnaround. I couldn't be happier and would wholeheartedly recommend them.”



Lis McDermott Photography

I have been using Proam Imaging for several years now. I don't order huge amounts of prints as a lot of my clients have discs, or they are commercial clients who don't need prints. However whenever I have problems or queries Proam Imaging are amazing. I get the treatment that a 'gold' customer might get - the staff are always helpful, friendly and can't do enough to help. I have even had an occasion where I had put image into the wrong file when ordering, and because they know the types of prints I normally order they rang me to check I had in fact made a mistake - and I had. That is amazing service!

I often get comments from clients, (particularly wedding clients) about the quality of the prints - which are extremely good.

Whenever I get the chance, I always refer other photography friends to Proam Imaging, and would certainly suggest anyone use them. Thanks for your continued amazing work.


Jojo Stott

ProAm are simply the best photo lab in the country!
I’ve been working with ProAm for nearly four years now and they’ve become an essential part of my business that i can truly rely on.

The work they produce is Absolutely phenomenal and has honestly taken my business to the next level!

What I consistently receive are immaculate prints that are polished, bright, colourful and true to what I’ve seen on my screen,

I can’t tell you how in LOVE I am with the Proam Lustre prints! Seriously, the joy it brings me to see my photographs come to life and how excited I still get to pick up my prints is a bit ridiculous, but my clients feel exactly the same and are so happy with them, they return time and time again!

However that’s not the best part, on top of great work they do, with such efficient turnaround times and amazing prices, they are also a pleasure to work with!

Not only do the team work tirelessly throughout the year straight through into the intensely busy Christmas season with ease, but they are always friendly and so helpful!

They have the 'go the extra mile’ mentality - If they even see a potential problem, they call straight away and ask how I’d like to fix it before it even becomes a problems.

They are true professionals and should be very proud of themselves.

Fine Art Portrait & Wedding Photographer


Spencer Brown

ProAm imaging has provided us with a top quality photographic print service (at unbeatable prices) since we commenced our School and studio photography company nearly ten years ago.

As our Clients and work flow have grown over the years, it is comforting to know that no matter what our print demand, ProAm can always be relied upon to get the job done. It is convenient for us to be able to upload our print jobs direct to Proam and have them delivered back so promptly. This efficiency has allowed us to grow confidently and take on new business opportunities.

When dealing with thousands of images this end, its nice to know that Proam imaging are proactive in contacting us if they suspect any anomalies with the quality of our work. During our very busy and intense School photography season, small delays in our work flow can have significant consequences, causing a knock on effect to other Clients in the system and reducing our quality of service. Therefore, this thoughtful and considerate service offered by Proam imaging allows us to resolve any issue quickly and resume printing so that we can stay on target.

ProAm imaging can also be relied upon for great colour, quality photographic paper and thoughtful packing to ensure our prints always arrive in pristine condition.

Having the printing part of the work flow taken care of so brilliantly, all we have to worry about is taking a perfect picture.